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Dyde Triad Box image

“I am honored to recite my experience with MedField, for one of our multi-country projects on Triads. The finesse with which the moderators navigated the discussion was quite impressive. Would love to work again with this professional bunch!”

Dyads / Triads

An interview conducted with two participants at once, who may know each other, or may be recruited as strangers. If known to each other, they are sometimes referred to as a friendship pair. If not known to each other, participants may be recruited as having similar behaviour and interests, or as a conflict pair. The latter is designed to dramatise differences between, for example loyal users of two different brands.

A form of depth interview involving three participants, who may or may not know each other. It offers some of the advantages of group discussions, but also some of those of depth interviews. As is the case for paired depths, triad participants may be recruited to form a homogenous group, or alternatively to set up a degree of conflict.